Shore Acres is distinctive for its secluded atmosphere, in large part provided by abundant shade trees. Along with Randall Manor, it is one of the few upper-class neighborhoods on Staten Island not situated in the series of highlands that begin with Ward Hill in the north and stretch to Lighthouse Hill in the south.

This former military base, joined to the Gateway National Recreation Area in 1972, still retains units of the U.S. Army Reserve, the U.S. Coast Guard and the Defense Logistics Agency. The fort's attractions include several 18th-century artillery batteries, athletic fields and a fishing beach. Tours offer a look at the history of Fort Tompkins and Battery Weed and their roles in the Civil War. Educational exhibits and ranger-led programs are available.

Laid out in 1837 and incorporated into the village of Edgewater in 1866. From 1858 to 1863, the area was called Bay View Post Office.

Once considered part of Clifton and was part of Peterstown until 1880. Rosebank became a favored Island destination for Italian immigrants at the turn of the century.

Named for onetime New York governor and U.S. Vice President Daniel D. Tompkins, who founded it in 1815. Former site of the Watering Place, a freshwater spring used by early explorers.

Named in 1836 for William J. Staples, a wealthy developer and friend of Minthorne Tompkins, son of Vice President Daniel Tompkins (see below). At times, the community was called Coles Ferry, New Ferry and Second Landing. Onetime home of the Staten Island Stapes, the borough's first and only National Football League franchise (1920s and 1930s).


The story goes that Erastus Wiman named the community, the site of his transportation hub and elaborate entertainment ventures, after George Law, a prominent Grymes Hill resident and well-known engineer. Law had owned a good portion of the area that Wiman desired for development. The entrepreneur promised the engineer if he would sell the land he would be so "canonized." Today, St. George is home to the borough government and court system.

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